About Pro-Spect

Buying a new home may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make.  Although the process is very exciting, it can quickly become over-whelming and time consuming.  While your agent will help guide you through the process, you will be called upon to make many decisions, such as selecting a home inspector to inspect your new home.  This is one of the most important decisions in the process; making a poor choice can be costly.   Home inspectors vary in many ways, with different levels of knowledge and experience, the type of report that is prepared and the ability to communicate the findings properly are but a few.  I started Pro-Spect with the home buyer in mind.  From your initial call to book the inspection, to the actual inspection, to the delivery of the report, you will be dealing with a professional company that has your interest in mind.   We understand the stress and uncertainty that goes along with buying a new home, so we work hard to provide you with the peace of mind that only a reputable inspection company can provide.  Selecting a discount startup inspection company or a cookie cutter franchise could be a critical mistake at a time that you can least afford it.  Please read through our website and feel free to call me if you still have questions.  I will be happy to take the time to talk with you to ensure that you’re making a well informed decision.

Pro-Spect is a family owned and operated, full-service inspection company providing outstanding professional consulting services to home buyers and sellers in the central PA region. We are not a franchise so you can be sure that our inspections are conducted to meet the needs of home buyers in our area and were not designed by some executives in an office in New York City who know nothing about the needs of central PA home buyers. 

We believe in friendly customer service. During and after the inspection, we take time to answer all of your questions to ensure that you are comfortable about your new home purchase. In the end our clients see us as a trusted partner in helping them make an informed decision.

It is our experience, professionalism and friendly style that makes us Central PA’s Home Inspection Leader.